Shingle Roofing

Most homes in the US have shingle roofs and there’s a good reason for that. When it comes to roofing materials, asphalt shingles are one of the most flexible and affordable options for homeowners. If you want to replace your current roof or wish to upgrade to a more secure and durable option, shingle roofing is a classic but always a fantastic and reliable choice. Our goal at Go Green Roofing is to make sure that the homes of our clients are safe and secure, which is why our qualified technicians use only the best shingles on the market. Our team offers all kinds of roofing services from installation to repair and maintenance, so that you won’t need to worry about roofing issues anymore. 

Shingles products we use are:

  • GAF
  • CertainTeed
  • Atlas
  • Owens Corning



Affordable & Reliable Material

Asphalt shingles may not be the most exclusive or stylish option available, especially when compared to materials like tile or shake panels, but shingle roofing is the number one choice among homeowners because it is cost-effective. Luckily, in this case cheaper doesn’t mean worse. Moreover, the average lifespan of a shingle roof is up to 50 years. Likewise, shingle roofing is the most popular option because it has earned trust of people over decades.

Three-Panel vs. Architectural Shingles

In most cases homes have, as we call them, three-panel shingles. The design of this style is similar to brick. Interlaced shingles create an image that resembles a uniform design. This is a more common choice because such shingles are cheaper and easier to install. Although, if you are looking for a different aesthetic, then architectural shingles might be a more suitable option. Smaller and more square shingles will add a lot more complexity, texture and character to your roof. These shingles have also proved to be more water resistant because of the asphalt sealant beneath each panel.

When it comes to roofing materials,  asphalt shingles aren’t necessarily the most eco-friendly option. However, modern designs can be recycled, repurposed and reused for future roofing projects.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sending tons of shingles to the dump when you are upgrading your roofing system. 

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