Rain Chain Installation & Repair

If you are bored of traditional downspouts, then rain chains might be the best option. They are a stylish and practical alternative that will add certain uniqueness and exclusivity to your home as well as a relaxing, tranquil ambiance. If you are looking for rain chain installation and repair services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – Go Green Roofing will be happy to assist. 

Are Rain Chains Worth It?

Rain chains are more than just pretty knick-knacks, but a functional system that guides rain water down. At Go Green Roofing, our priority is to provide supreme quality materials, products and services to our customers. There is a wide variety of rain chains made from materials such as copper, steel, and aluminum. We offer a wide selection of rain chains, but custom options are available as well. 

Benefits of Rain Chains 

  • Rain chains reduce clogging because it is attached within the outlet a downspout would otherwise occupy, that’s why all debris falls through the outlet and to the ground.
  • Rain chains are beautiful exterior decor for your home that look even prettier with water rushing through them.
  • Rain chains sound magical when it is raining, delivering a lovely musical resonance.


Every job starts with our experienced technicians inspecting your roofing system to check for possible leaking gutters, foundation cracks, etc. After that, we will help you come up with the most efficient and cost-effective solution to improve the look of your home as well as its value. You can count on us to deliver your rain chain on time and expertly install the system. We always do the job right the first time. But if something is wrong, we also offer rain chains repair services. 

Why Choose Us ?

We understand that any decision involving the upgrade of your home can be nerve wracking. But no matter what kind of improvement you’re planning, it’s important to choose a reliable contractor in the DFW area. Go Green Roofing will provide the best option that suits your needs perfectly. So if you are looking for a professional team to install & repair your rain chains system, or you have any other questions about your roofing system – contact Go Green Roofing today! We are always happy to help.

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